July 2005


Ariel Aparicio
Frolic & Fuck

Ariel Aparicio and his band The Hired Guns are the musicians responsible for the album Frolic & Fuck, released on Aparicio’s own indie label, Bully Records. The album draws on a variety of life long influences like Zeppelin, the Doors, the Pretenders, the Ramones, the B-52’s, and even Donna Summers. The end result is a catchy pop rock release that stretches over seven tracks. Aparicio hails from NYC where he owns two successful restaurants, JOYA and SONG. No stranger to the life of a musician, Ariel Aparicio has performed with several bands including a group called The Breeders before Kim Deal of The Pixies created her spin off. Frolic & Fuck has a late 1970’s American punk vibe, but also infuses elements of rock that remind me of something Red Hot Chili Peppers might have put together in their early days. What makes the release of Frolic & Fuck so raw is that fact that the band played live in the studio throughout most of the recordings. The texture this technique provides is a fuzzed out, garage edge, which gives a little grit to the albums pop hooks.

-Reviewed by Drew Hudson

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