The Ear Magazine: April, 2003, by Crystal Wicker

On his latest disc, Ariel Aparicio hums of semi-autobiographical reflections with poise and refinement. Delving into traditional Latin elements while exploring modern rock and pop, the Cuban-born musician reveals a grouping of fluid sounds without the usual high gloss approach.

The title track and previously released “Sweetness” embody a textured, live band quality filled with spicey tambourines, heartening percussion and guitars. Aparicio demonstrates an uncanny vocal similarity to Ricky Martin in “Hail to the Loser” and the fun, salsa-tinged number “Mi Corazon” (“My Heart”), but his interpretation of The Pretenders’ “Kid” bids a more delicate performance. If you’re searching for what lies ahead in alternative pop, All I Wanted provides a flavorful indication.

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