Street Beat
December 1, 2002, by Bill Ribas

Ariel Aparicio, All I Wanted (© 2002 Bully Records)


Sounding at times like an early David Bowie, at times like a revival of "Hair," Aparicio plays a softer rock, which, for the most part, is successful. When he does a cover of the Pretenders "Kid," making it sound more like Bowie's "Space Oddity," the weakness in his pipes becomes apparent. But it is an interesting take on the song, so that's worth something. A song like "Neverland (The Lollipop Song)" begins with a Springsteen sheen to it, but then shifts more into groovy Bowie/'60s territory. And were it not for the shakiness of his voice, this would be a fun disc. The songs have a certain pep to them, and repeated listenings allow the tunes to get their hooks solidly planted in your head. See for yourself...

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