Indiego Promotions and Bully records present the release moth, "Postcards From Machine"


Ariel Aparro (aka moth), has established a reputation as a charismatic frontman with a unique voice. As an eclectic songwriter, moth has participated in bands whose styles included punk, pop, funk, latin, reggae, and alternative. now with his solo work, he's blending the sounds and rhythms from his latin culture with the American pop & rock he grew up loving.

Moth's everchanging, ever-evolving project experiments with an onslaught of different sounds, genres, and musicians. His 1st full-length CD, "Postcards From Machine" is a fusion of Dance, Rock and Electronica. The result is an original, melodic, expressive trip-hop sound. Moth's honest and passionate lyrics add an additional level of depth to his sentient music. "Postcards From Machine" creates an atmosphere not soon forgotten.

"Postcards From Machine", released in 2000, was co-written & produced by moth and programmer/keyboardist/DJ James Bullock.

Suggested Tracks:
track #1 East of Parsons
track #3 Feel the Rush
track #5 Breathe
track #9 Drip (Jungle Mix)

It's never as it seems it's easier to follow. Post cards from machine visions of tomorrow

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Retail Release Date: Spet. 29, 2000

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