Hot Indie News, December 2004
by James Lane


Ariel Aparacio is back with his third release, "Frolic & F***" (Bully Records). Distinct from his past releases, this CD is full of raw retro-rock grit that is quite reminiscent of The Who or The Rolling Stones in their early and more interesting years.

Packed with driving beats, rolling bass lines, engaging vocal arrangements, psychedelic guitar work, and a healthy mix of influences from various genres, any listener is guaranteed to have at least one of these catchy tunes swimming around in their head for a couple of days.

Also included on this disc is a very daring and raw 10 minute mini-documentary video entitled "Ariel Aparicio Studio Session 02/11/04". The flick shows some of the behind the scenes frustration involved in trying to establish a productive dialogue with the rest of your team when there are layers of sound proofing between you and them.

Ariel Aparicio & The Hired Guns have definitely succeeded in creating and indie rock classic with "Frolic & F***".

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