Demo Universe
Ariel Aparicio
All I Wanted
Date received: September 23, 2002


Aparicio's blend of '80s-tinged art-pop and Latin rhythms often brings David Byrne to mind, although as a Cuban-American, one could argue that Ariel is coming from a more pure space than the ex-Head. Like Byrne, Aparicio makes the most of limited vocal gifts, compensating for his lack of power with a quirky, emotive singing style, exemplified by his slow, bossa nova remake of "Kid" by the Pretenders. All I Wanted might have more accurately been titled "All I Wanted To Record," as Aparicio tosses together such disparate material as the Bowiesque euro-dance of "Always The Bridesmaid" and the horn-driven Latin pop of "Mi Corazon" with little apparent regard for what the casual listener might make of it. I don't mean to suggest that Ariel needs to limit himself to one style or another, but a more focused selection could have resulted in more satisfying experience overall. Still, there are enough beautiful moments here to warrant keeping an eye out for the next record.

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