the Aquarian Weekly
December 11, 2002 Vol. 2-167
by Jacqueline Lebron

Ariel Aparicio
All I wanted
Bully Records


The acoustic lyrical sounds resound and are very poetic to musical ears. Yet not a very interesting song to open up his CD with, but as you listen along it gets more interesting.

Finally, by the third track, the album gets pumping but it still needs that extra "umph." They try to permeate sounds in a mix between the Beatles and the Bee-Gees. I’m sorry, but this wasn’t accomplished. It’s impossible to think how two people made up a complete band and ran the show. Most of the instruments are credited to Ariel and Josh Margolis. Literally, they played everything from electric to acoustic guitars to lead and backing vocals to bass to keyboards to drums and even tambourines. This is definitely talent, ladies and gentlemen, yet I feel that a band should consist of more than two people.

The creative flow is there in lyrical poetry and in musical talent, but something is missing. And that missing factor is accredited to the fact that when teamwork (more than two) comes into play you and not only have beautiful synergy but a mass of talented heads producing a thoughtful project.

"Kid" is an exceptional work sung with the heart. Dedicate this to your daughter/son. Ariel with his soothing voice will help you love your children even more.

The last tracks get a little more interesting–these should have been at the beginning to attract more attention. He even adds a touch of his Latin roots, in "Mi Corazón" (My Heart) where he talks about dancing with a special lady.

This album proves to be a special autobiographical musical illustration of his life. The only advice for Ariel Aparicio is to organize his musical talents and his poetic rhymes that prove to be a God-given talent. And depending on your finances, it would be prosperous to invest in hiring more than one musician to do all the work.

Look forward to another not so exhausting production. Many blessings.

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