Rock ‘N Roll Timeline

Havana , Cuba (last of 3 kids)

Miami, FL. (actually Carol City) There was a lot of music around. Salsa from my mom (Celia Cruz, Ruebin Blades, Chirino, El Gran Combo); FUNK from my brother (WAR, Rufus, EWF); and later Disco from my sister ( I liked Donna Summer ALOT)

Junior High:
joined the school band; grew my hair; DISCOVERED ROCK & ROLL (Zep, The Doors, Floyd, Aerosmith)

Played my 1st guitar:
I strung it left handed and took lessons from some old dude in my neighborhood

High School:
Punk & New Wave (Pretenders, The Ramones, Blondie, Sex Pistols, B-52′s, Devo) and dreams of grandeur

Moved to NY:
for 2 reasons – to go to school (NYU to study music and audio engineering AND to become a ROCKSTAR

THE 80′s
MTV: it changed my life

Clubbing: The Paradise Garage REALLY changed my life (we were “vogueing” before Madonna)

Started writing songs: on piano 1st (I just knew how to make chords)

1st Band: The Breeders (before Kim’s Breeders) with my friend Cheryl (hey, where are you?)

Picked up the guitar: took lessons from some dude named Tony in the East Village

2nd Band:Pin Monkey (we actually recorded a few tunes and played some gigs)

Started voice lessons: ( I needed it) Greg Drew was my 1st teacher. He taught Lenny Kravitz, Corey Glover and that chick from the Divinyls.

THE 90′s

Met Ang
3rd Band: Loving the Alien (Sonic Youth meets Fleetwood Mac) Esme sang and played guitar and I sang and played guitar and Steven played drums – no bass player. We later added bass and congas, recorded some songs, played lots of gigs, recorded 2 more songs and then fell apart.

LOLA Arrives: 8wk old bull terrier. Born Feb 7, 1999

New voice teacher: Ridley Chauvin (actually an opera singer)

New guitar teacher: Paul Sullivan (lots of 7th chords)


Formed The Ebb & Flow: Studio project with my DJ friend James Bullock (lots loops & samples, guitars & vocals)

Released “Postcards from Machine” in 2000: Those sessions with James became my 1st record under the pen name MOTH on my own label Bully Records

MOTH becomes a band: live musicians and DAT’s

Started playing “solo” shows: usually with a second guitar player (I hate playing alone)

Recorded “Mi Corazon”: my 1st solo recording produced by Josh Margolis

Shortened my name: to Aparro ( for no apparent reason)

Jan 2001:
Opened our 1st Restaurant – JOYA

March 2001:
NIKKI comes home: a 12wk old Frenchy

Started recording a new record: with Josh at Steamroom Studios and John Street Productions (it took almost a year-my time was very limited because of the restaurant)

FEB 2002 :
ALL I WANTED, my first solo record is released on Bully Records (my own label).

March 2002:
“All I Wanted” entered CMJ’s “most added” chart at #19.

June 2002 :
Released “Mi Corazon”: a 3 song EP for spanish radio.

July 2002:
Entered CMJ’s N alternative “most added” chart at #1 and #2 consecutively.

Aug 2003 :
Baby Vegas comes home

Sept 2003:
We bought a cool-as-shit brownstone in Brooklyn.

Oct 2003:
Signed a lease to open restaurant # 2 (calling it SONG)

December 2003:
returned to the studio to record the follow up to All I Wanted with my band which I jokingly refer to as The Hired Guns. (the name sticks)

In January of 2004 my father took ill. I went back and forth to Miami and was able to spend some precious time with him.I lost my father March 4, 2004. I never felt that close to my father when he was around but now that he is gone, I know that we actually were. We shared a special bond , though neither one of us was able to articulate it very well. I miss him terribly.

“Siempre en nuestros corazones”

March 19, 2004
Andrew and I celebrated 10 years together (how time flies when..blah, blah, blah)

April 2004:

I went back into the studio and finished recording FROLIC & FUCK.

Nov 2004 :
FROLIC & FUCK released in November 2004 on BULLY Records .Distributed by Select-O-Hits. College radio LOVES it. Receives some great reviews!!


Feb 2005:
SONG our 2nd restaurant, finally opens .

April 2005:
Some changes for The Hired Guns. My longtime drummer and producer, Josh Margolis, leaves. Bill Mann takes over on drums. James Cruz joins us on bass. Tomas “new daddy” Marsh continues his guitar reign.

2006 was quite promising.

FROLIC & FUCK was a great indie success. I sold a couple thousand of these babies pretty much on my own.

September 22, 2006:
M.E.A.N.Y. Festival 2006 :: CBGB’s :: New York, NY Played on the 2nd to the last night before this historic venue closed it’s door. Patti Smith plays on the last night.

Nov 2006:
SIRIUS Radio invited my band and I to do an live interview and performance.

The greatest and most important event of the year was the birth of our son on May 2nd, 2006.
I know this will sound like a cliche´, but having a kid is the most amazing thing in the world. It puts everything into perspective. It has definately made me a better artist and performer. Andrew & I couldn’t be happier with our family. The girls (our dogs) love him too.

Summer 2006:
GREAT GIGS…. Many hometown gigs, awesome Asbury Park show for Jersey Pride in June which we brought our son (his first Rock & Roll show). Played in Chicago in July for the Gay Games which was also a fantastic time along with great gigs in Philadelphia, Bethlehem, PA and Jersey again.

Finished 2006 by heading back into the studio with The Hired Guns (Steve Dawson joins us on guitar, James & Bill) to record the followup to FROLIC & FUCK.

Spent most of the better half of this year in the studio (aside from being quite busy with a baby in the house, 3 dogs and 2 restaurants to run).

August 16th, 2007:
The new record ALL THESE BRILLIANT THINGS was finally completed. I am extremely proud of this record. It ROCKS!!!

SEPTEMBER 1st, 2007.
The first single from the new record entitled “I’M THE ONE” is released digitally. It is made available for purchase exclusively through SNOCAP via All the proceeds from the sale of this single will go to The Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation.

DECEMBER 31st, 2007.
The second single from the new record entitled “JAMESON & COCAINE” is released.

JANUARY 31st, 2008.
The video for “JAMESON & COCAINE” is released online via YouTube.

FEBRUARY 14th, 2008.
My new record “ALL THESE BRILLIANT THINGS” is released and available on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Napster, CD Universe, MySpace & Snocap.

MARCH 6th, 2008.
The official “ALL THESE BRILLIANT THINGS” album release party at 10:30PM,ROCKWOOD MUSIC HALL, 196 Stanton Street, NYC, FREE SHOW.

Sept 2008 :
Axl starts school.

Oct 20, 2008:
2nd video from ALL THESE BRILLIANT THINGS is released – “Life & Times”

Nov 7, 2008:
video becomes #1 on MTV’s LogoTV most requested video countdown show, The Click List. Stays there for 4 straight weeks.

Jan 20, 2009:
I released my cover on The Psychedelic Furs classic “Pretty in Pink”

Feb 11, 2009:
The video for “Pretty in Pink” makes it’s broadcast premiere on Logo’s NewNowNext Pop Lab

March 19, 2009:
My partner of 15 years , Andrew Jerro and I were finally wed. We are ever so grateful to the state of Connecticut for allowing us to marry legally – finally.

March 20, 2009:
“Pretty in Pink” enters The Click List at #4. It remains Top 10 for 18 weeks.

March 7, 2009:
I partner with The Greater New York City Affiliate of Susan G. Komen For The Cure and donate all proceeds from the sale of my “Pretty in Pink” single for the month of April to help fight breast cancer.

June 10, 2009 :
Our beloved Lola passed away after a very difficult year. She was our first baby. We miss her so.

June 27, 2009 :
Nokia Theatre – OUTmusic’s STONEWALL: 40th Anniversary Commemorative Concert :: New York, NY

Oct 1, 2009:
Team up with super remix team Pocketknife and release a killer dance mix of “Pretty in Pink”

Nov 11, 2009:
New video for the remix debuts on NewNowNext

Nov 19, 2009:
I receive 3 ADD-TV Pill Awards nominations for “Life & Times ” and “Pretty in Pink”
(btw, I lose all 3… oh well.)

Dec 4, 2009:
My original video for “Pretty in Pink” is names the #3 most requested video for 2009 on Logo.

Summer of 2010
Pride Tour – Queens, Brooklyn, Baltimore, San Diego, Philly.

May 2, 2010 :
Axl celebrates his 4th birthday. his 1st Big Party.

June 2010:
1st single from my soon-to-be-releaed EP is released – “Lucille”. Video premieres on NewNowNext on June 3.

June 10, 2010:
Axl and I appear on The Today Show for a father and son Fashion show.

July 6, 2010:
“the bEdRoom tapes” is released. A track EP which includes “Lucille” and my cover of Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died”

July 17, 2010:
“lucille” hits #1 on The Click List. Spends the next 10 weeks in the Top 5.

Sept 11, 2010:
In honor of the memory of Jim Carroll, we release my video for “People who Died” on the anniversary of his death a year to the date.

October 2010:

We open “National” , our 3rd restaurant in Brooklyn.

Oct 6, 2010:
“People who Died” video premiers on NewNowNext

Oct 18, 2010:
People Who Died video peaks at #8 on after 48 hours.

Still waiting to conquer the world….