OUTMusic Awards 2010

I was truly quite surprised.

The day and evening was already a bit disappointing because my husband and our son were both home sick… So that left me dateless. I BEGGED on Twitter!!! LOL


First half of the evening was full of wonderful and moving performances, but I was starting to fade (remember, I’m old!!). Fortunately, Outstanding Rock Song of the Year (my category) was first. There was a bit of a technical glitch so after they named the nominees, they started to play my track but the presenter wasn’t even on stage. I guess I had won but I wasn’t sure… No one called my name yet… Finally, the lovely & talented Ms Lori Michaels came on stage and called my name. Wow, I really won. Seriously, I was thrilled. At that moment the only thing I thought about though was that my husband wasn’t there.

My acceptance speak was quite short (yes, I did think if one… just in case…)


” Jim Carroll wrote this song over 30 years ago. It still resonates today. I hope we did it justice.

I just want to thank my guitar player and co-producer on the track, Steve Dawson. We recorded it, beginning to end, in about 4 hrs…


I LOVE my husband.

I LOVE our son.

I LOVE my life.

Thank You OutMusic.”


The rest of the night was a blur… ;)



  1. Well done artclie that. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

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