OUTFEST Philly Oct 10, 2010

7am… Up, shave, shower, pack the truck, dress, grab my boots (and my eyeliner, of course) and head out the door. 1st stop, Long Island City to pick up Dave Berger, my drummer. Load him up and then head toward the city to pick up Steve and Pem. I think we are heading through the Holland tunnel by 11 am… not too bad.

We make it to Philly by around 1pm. Beautiful day. The streets are packed and the stage is ready to go. We are set to go on at 2pm so we pretty much start setting up immediately. Right on time…

Open with Lucille and then ┬áinto People Who Died. “Intolerance of any kind is unacceptable”, I say. “This is for our brothers and sisters and our friends…All our Friends…All Our Friends”. Next, Life & Times followed by Hail to the Loser. “I was told that unless I’m Cher or Patti LaBelle, no one gets more than 20 minutes at OUTfest”… But I was giving Patti hair!!!! We close with Pretty in Pink – condoms everywhere!!!

It was indeed a wonderful afternoon in the city of brotherly love. By the way, I was sick as a dog the whole time… Show must go on!!!! ROCK!!!!!!!


  1. - Hi Sarah, I found you through your Perfect Duluth Day cmmoent regarding Duluth Daily photo. I love this picture I do a lot of work with Dads or I have anyway and am hoping to continue with it. DO you have any more like this? I am thinking that a showcase of local photographers of pics of Dads and kids would make a great promotional piece or fundraiser sometime. I am in the beginning stages of setting up a new fathering organization in this area, and I have a strong arts and community organizing background so I am always thinking about funding and promotion. Just thinking out loud here But this is really great.

  2. - Sarah. I can completely realte. Things have been tough this side as well, and in moments of despair I’ve wondered the same thing- if it wouldn’t be better to sell my equipment. Thankfully my husband encourages me as yours does. And my heart steps in to remind me that this is it- what I love, and what I want to model to my son. I dance to Aretha with my son almost every day. It’s our thing and it’s beautiful. Gets our hips moving to the rhythm of what it is’!

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