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Above the Earth

My Review of Ariel Aparicio’s Aerials Record Release Party

Jennifer Etebari


8 PM


Bring down the lights – a hint of color in the corner, black and white photos of Ariel Aparicio blink across the wall, the mumbling of those mingling in and out of the room began  to grow to a sounding of excitement – a rumbling of the urge to sing lyrics to his new album – we were waiting for him.

When the band took the stage and began playing the riffs of “Love Left Bleeding” – the audience gazed – they felt the empowering lyrics about to begin – and there he was.

Ariel took the stage and the mic – like he always does, a seasoned professional, a musician that puts heart and soul into every note, lyric, melody. He grasped every single word to the opening song – thrusting himself into the spotlight as if to be bringing out every inner emotion he possibly could have mustered up (and with the deepest tone of his embellishing, blissful, soulful voice – he echoed Daddy was a Sinnin’ Man … )

My ears were full with the voices and screams, claps and hollers – the crowd loved him, they were a part of this brilliant emotional journey that he was sharing.

I had to remember there was a band on stage. When I looked into Ariel’s eyes I only saw him performing – the stage was HIS – he was above the earth in his own musical heaven and he was sharing it with us – through each and every single word.

The very powerful Tattered Heart drew roaring applause – She Can Show Us had us on our feet, I rocked out to the sheer fabulous perfection that was Sorry (and back up vocals by the ever so talented Ayanna Williams, in one word: spectacular).

One cannot forget to mention the quiet, yet astounding Flowers – to which Ariel added “that was for you Robin…” – Robin, a fan who had traveled in from Florida, began to cry and was comforted by musician Luciar. What a moment – to see that impact that Ariel has beginning to grab each hand around the room and take that person’s soul into his own.

Caroline followed by Amor Sangrando had the crowd swooning and in awe – this man is a genius. His swagger on stage and his ability to turn into this performer that just tugs at you – his voice is like hearing a calm wind after a vicious storm – he is soothing.

After saying some thank yous Ariel sang his very classic tune “Lucille” followed by “Pretty in Pink” (with Psychedelic Furs Paul Garisto on drums) and dedicated it to fan Holly Canfield from West Virginia (a huge fan of the song -  she danced in the audience in pure glee – once again, a moment to forever be remembered.)

Ariel is clearly talented – no one dared question this fact – but if ever new respect could grow for an artist – it happened at Littlefield on March 6, 2011. I considered this a break out performance for Ariel Aparicio. His volume of musical sound and vocal fluidity combined with his overwhelmingly raw, real, honest stage presence proved in the age of over produced vocals and forced lyrics – that creativity, originality, and pure blissful musical talent still exists.

After seeing his record release party performance I began to wonder what the future would bring for Ariel – for those who are not listening, open your ears, mind, and hearts to this intense invention. Aerials, releasing officially on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 brings to life its own genre – a flavor you will long taste even after you finish playing the last track.

Of course you will press repeat.

These memories of Ariel’s record release party will long last in my own head – through the screaming fans, loving admirers, and Ariel’s sheer possession of the stage – this night will always be special.

A rose to surely keep…


  1. Glad I’ve finally found smoething I agree with!

  2. I noticed acualtly that The Academy were trying this out a couple of months ago. It didn’t seem to work out too well, I guess some people didn’t want to tag a sweaty, messy picture of themselves, I know I wouldn’t want one on my page! I suppose it all might stir from the big promo that Ikea did on Facebook to gain more fans / followers / customers whereby they had people tag the items in the showroom pictures with their name for a chance of winning that object for free. I think Marks & Spencers did a similar promo around Christmas. Would you suggest that it was worth offering fans who tag themselves free stuff? Songs / Tickets / Signed Tshirts etc?

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