My stomach is always a bit queasy.

I barely eat. Yes, I still get nervous.

Breathe. Focus….

Drums, guitars… Rock&Roll.

The rest kinda falls into place.

It’s all about the energy. Whatever I’m getting from the audience consumes me. If it’s an intimate setting and I feel like I’m really connecting, I can feel that. (I’ve almost cried before during “Calling All Cars” and “Heaven”.)

If it’s a rockin crowd and a biggier venue, I’m totally propelled. I feel like I can fly. Boston was like that… So was Baltimore.

Sometimes it’s hard to breathe. the best is when I don’t have to think at all…

Every step feels like it’s choreographed by someone else.

I hate the banter in between songs. I hate having to think about it at all. But when the show’s good – I don’t.

I prefer strangers to friends.

Watching people’s faces…

Looking into their eyes…

Watching them sing along…moving, feeling.

That’s the best.

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